Frequently Asked Questions


What COVID-19 precautions do you take?

I am happy to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test prior to meeting you if requested. I am already fully vaccinated.

All my makeup kit and makeup are always thoroughly cleaned and prepped before use on any bride.

I have a mask and/or face shield to use when working and will wear newly sterile surgical latex gloves at all times.

All surfaces in my home and home studio are constantly cleaned and treated with anti-bac solutions. A supply of anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser is always available.

Why should I invest in getting my hair and makeup done rather than doing it myself?
Bridal hair and makeup is very different from everyday makeup for work or an evening out.

The main reason being it has to last and look picture perfect and flawless for 12 hours if not more, Even if you are very confident in applying makeup on a day to day basis, deciding to do your own on your wedding day can be a scary prospect, nevermind stressful.

I am passionate about the skin, creating the perfect canvas, to your own skin and not creating a mask. I like to apply the foundation in fine buildable layers, buffing in between, shaping the features by clever highlighting and contouring, ensuring you still look like you but a more beautiful version!

I use the very best primers, and finishing sprays, all you should need to top up is lipstick and/or powder if you are prone to shine. Everything else will stay put.

We create the look together, your ideas and vision and my expertise, its teamwork!

When would an assistant be required for a wedding?
I use an assistant or assistants for my larger bridal parties if numbers are too big for me to do on my own. This ensures everyone is ready in good time. Some early morning weddings also may require an extra pair of hands if time is likely to be a factor.
Do you use professional make-up/hair products?
My kit is full of high-end professional makeup, all available on the high street.

I spend time researching the very best products that feel good, work well and last the duration. If you are paying to have your makeup done on the most important day of your life, I want to ensure you feel pampered and look a million dollars!

My favourite products at the moment include Charlotte Tilbury, Glossier, Chanel, Dior, amongst just a few.

Strict hygiene practices are maintained and disposable applicators are used where necessary.

How much time do you need on my wedding day?
I like to allow approximately three hours of wedding prep for a bride on the day.

It will not take this long but gives us enough time for eating, answering phone calls and speaking to other suppliers, receiving flowers from your florist, and anyone else who may need a little of your time on the morning,

In addition, I allow 45 minutes for any other person requiring hair and 35 minutes for makeup.
I prepare a timetable for every wedding morning so everyone knows when their slots are.

This ensures a stress-free morning and everyone is ready in good time.

What should you keep in mind when picking a bridal makeup artist?
There are a lot of us out there all offering bridal hair and makeup, so it is important to select a supplier that you feel you will be in very safe and experienced hands. But also, you want someone who is still bang on trend for the latest looks, techniques and brands.

I've been doing this for some time now and come with over 20 years experience. There is nothing I don't know about wedding morning prep.

It's not just about fantastic hair and makeup, feeling comfortable with your supplier is also very important. I will be with you for several hours and you will never forget your wedding morning experience.

I like to make it as fun and stress-free as possible. I have a perfect wedding day playlist and always bring my Bluetooth speaker along with me.
I am there to multi-task, keep everyone calm, help you dress, attach your veil, your Mum's fascinator, bridesmaids flowers and anything else! I stay with you until you leave and then pack up.

My reputation speaks for itself as my many, many positive reviews show.

How do you organise a hairstylist and makeup artist for destination weddings?
I am very experienced with destination weddings, having travelled all over Europe and as far as Sri Lanka, for a single ceremony wedding or those stretching over a few days.

Being ex-British Airways cabin crew helps me to pack my kit efficiently, as I am simply not able to leave anything behind and sometimes can't take my whole kit.

It is important with destination weddings that your supplier is switched on about travel/hiring a car/finding your venue/arriving on time and even dressing appropriately (especially with Indian weddings). You can be confident that I will be in total control regarding hair and make up.

For brides based in the UK and marrying abroad, we get to have a consultation beforehand. Many of my Indian weddings run over several days and we create a different look for each ceremony.

For brides based abroad and marrying abroad, if we can't meet beforehand,that's not a problem, we can Zoom call and discuss ideas beforehand and I have no problem at all “going live” on the day.

For brides living abroad and flying into the UK for their wedding, they normally arrive a couple of days before and we always manage to squeeze a consultation in even if it's the day before. I can come to your hotel and work around your very busy last-minute wedding prep plans.